What Is A Transgender?


What Is A Transgender?

Transsexuality is an increasing condition affecting an ever increasing number of people, regardless of age, race, socio-economic status or religion. For many years the term referred to was’Transgenderism’ but as recent years the more accurate term that psychologists, counselors and doctors use today is’Transgender Dysphoria’. This term is used to describe a range of emotionally based conditions, which can be triggered by an unbalanced state of mind. Some may be born with this condition while others may develop it as a result of traumatic experiences in childhood. The vast majority of Transsexuals live happy and fulfilled lives following a number of treatment options available to them.

A Transsexual is a person who experiences a persistent desire to become, or have been, assigned to the opposite gender or a different sex. Transsexuals may identify as male, female, intersexed, pansexual or even asexual. Many Transsexuals feel no discomfort or conflict with their gender identity; they simply seek to live out their gender identity in accordance with their desire and comfort level. Most Transsexuals feel that they are a valid and deserving part of both the male and female genders, regardless of their assigned gender or classification at birth.

Contrary to popular belief, the term’Transgender’ is not an outdated or obsolete term thatosa derives from the word’transgenderism’. The word transgenderism was first used in reference to people who sought psychiatric help for their gender identity issues. Today, a transgender is considered to be someone who experiences intense feelings of discomfort with his or her assigned gender or a persistent discomfort with the gender he or she is assigned at birth. Some Transsexuals may even go on to identify as a crossdresser or think of themselves as a man trapped in a woman’s body.

For many years the term’Transgender’ was used to describe people who were attracted to the same sex but who felt unnatural or undesirable because of the gender assigned to them at birth. More recently, the term has been used to describe anyone who experiences discomfort with his or her assigned gender, whether he or she thinks or feels like a woman or a man. For example, a Transsexual person may feel that his or her body is really a woman and so would want to transition into being a woman. Conversely, a Transgender woman may feel that her body is really a man and would want to transition to being a woman. So, the term Transgender has evolved to include more than one possible gender identity.

For Transsexuals who wish to undergo gender transitioning, it can be difficult or even impossible to decide which path to take. After considering their physical and emotional needs, many Transsexual people make the important decision to pursue a medical solution by undergoing a medical procedure to change the size or shape of their external genitalia. This is known as a transgendered person, even though they may feel like they are a Transsexual because of their assigned gender. (In some instances, this is true even if they are not.) However, some Transgendered people choose to continue their transition into the 21st century by using surgical means to change the appearance of their genitals.

In the United States, there are three major groups of people who identify as transgender or transsexual. There are many different organizations that help these Transgendered people to find their way through the often difficult road of changing their physical selves. Some of these organizations are specifically for Transgender adults and teenagers; others are focused on helping young adults and children who are entering their adult lives as Transgender, Gender Identity individuals. In addition, there are support groups, websites, and counseling resources available to all Transgender and Transgendered people.

While Transgendered people have the opportunity to succeed in a number of different areas of life, there are some obstacles that face Transgendered people. For instance, many Transgendered people report being fired from their jobs or being refused service in public accommodations because of their Transgendered identity. Also, because of discrimination, many Transgendered people are not able to obtain employment in many cases. In addition, many Transgendered individuals report abuse and violence based on their identities and gender expression.

While many people view Transgendered people as heroes for having undergone medical and surgical changes to their bodies, some feel that there is more to Transgendered people than meets the eye. Some claim that Transgendered people suffer from mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders. Still, there are also those who believe that being a Transgendered person is a blessing in disguise, since many people who identify as Transgender are able to achieve goals in their careers and live satisfying lives. The fact is that, for most Transgendered people, being a Transgender does not require a feeling of shame, embarrassment, or stigma.


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