Famous Apps

Many of the famous apps that were launched in the recent time are from the native platform developers. Being a native app, it means that it was built using the iOS framework and can be read and used on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other similar touch screen mobile devices. As a result, these apps are highly usable and versatile as they support all the major browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and others. But of late, many companies have started to leverage the Android platform to create famous apps. The Android mobile app framework is written in Java and uses the Android Software Development Kit for developing the apps.

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The Android app development cost is significantly lower than any other platforms like iOS and Android. There is no licence fee involved and you don’t have to pay royalties every year. This is why many small to mid-sized development companies are switching over to Android and iOS development rather than going for the Windows mobile platform or other mobile operating systems like Blackberry, Android Neolia and Symbian.

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The Bloomberg internet business has been growing by the day. The reason behind this is that there are different uses for the platform. Small and Medium sized businesses have been creating apps for their users to add value and convenience to their lives. Being a news lover, you can add an app that updates you with the latest news from all over the world. Also, being a fitness freak, you can download a fitness and health tracking app which track your calories, workouts and weight loss. With the help of Bloomberg Mobile Application Development, you can reach out to millions of people around the world!