Each popular escort aggregator provides a lot of TS personals options. Brave, provocative, kinky, and often more glamorous than assigned girls, non-binary escorts are the most desirable. 

Top facts about TS escort listings and how to order sex services online. Get to know more details about trans singles, their dos and don’ts in casual hookups 

Sexy Single Trans
Cute Naked Trans

Self-education in this matter is crucial though. Today, a person should be polite enough to know the difference between similar definitions when it comes to gender identity. 

What is a trans woman in simple terms 

A trans woman is smb who doesn’t accept an assigned male gender and feels comfortable with female elements, from the clothes and makeup to complete physical transition

Although it’s usually one big section on escort listings and dating sites, each trans personal indicates the exact category they belong to, right in the profile or post. 

Trans In Russia
Russian Trans Feeling Alone

TV – means a transvestite, someone who enjoys cross-dressing without changing gender. 

TS – not just a transsexual, but also a two-spirit person, smb who combines two genders. 

TG – a person on any stage of hormonal transition or surgery changes, on a way to change. 

Q – can mean Queer or Questioning who they are. Non-binary people up to meet for hookups. 

Shemale – a popular escort type that combines female and male physical characteristics. 

While shemale is usually a big and mature person, looking like a drag queen, there are tiny types like femboy and ladyboy. They may keep their male genitals as well, along with makeup. 

Despite the existing doubts and discussions, trans escorts are a strong turn-on for many. It depends, which sub-category we prefer exactly, but the variety of options on sex listings is sufficient

What does TS unicorn mean 

Unicorn is a frequent definition on adult dating sites and escort listings. It means a younger extra in a treesome, who subordinates to a couple or to a more dominant partner. 

A trans unicorn is exactly an Asian ladyboy or a western femboy mentioned above, whose sex services are ordered by a couple. He can be a switch too, or to be asked to dominate at times. 

Cute FemBoys
Unicorn Cute Girls
  • MegaPersonals: 6% of TS unicorns
  • BedPage: 5% of TS unicorns 
  • AdultLook: 7% of TS unicorns 

To find ladyboys or femboys, first enter top popular escort listings and find your location. Then filter your search by a Trans category and start viewing the posts offered. 

Pay attention to younger personals and you’ll soon find TS unicorns ready to serve you. Real unicorns are bisexual or at least, bi-curious so they won’t leave your partner without attention

Are there trans on gay sites 

It is known that gay hookup apps and sites are often focused on male users strictly. Although interested in other guys, they mostly look masculine and possess a deeply male eroticism and charisma. 

Two Gays Eating Together
Gays Eating Together

If to look into the statistics of such platforms, it appears that male members prevail, there are roughly 90-99% of them. Here are the usual search categories on top gay sites for adult dating

Jock – muscular and athletic stylish guys.

Otter – thin or athletic hairy men.

Bear – big hairy dudes of any age. 

Twink – slender young folks. 

Wolf – semi-muscular guys with facial hair. 

Daddy – often big, mature, and hairy men. 

Military – very muscular guys fetishized for their military uniform. 

All these types look very mannish and their body structure is barely feminine in any way. Yet, many of them are compatible with trans women, from drag to tiny ladyboy escorts

The last ones are rather found on hookup aggregators and sites like Listcrawler or Craigslist. Also, try your luck on the niche escort listings like RentMen where lots of trans sex workers are present. 

What are the 72 genders on escort sites 

We surely aren’t in the 1960s anymore to speak about female, male, and trans only. There are currently 72 genders and over 60 kinks, officially recognized by the LGBTQ+ community. 

All Of The 72 Genders
All 72 Genders

Some proclaimed bi-curious and fetish platforms count up to 240 kinks on a modern adult scene, and most of them can be performed by trans or non-binary personals. 

  1. Gender fluid. This kind of identity is currently a leader in pop culture, and people are taught to respect it. Escort workers may also switch to another gender occasionally. 
  2. Gender neutral. It may associate with the so-called third gender, or not. In any case, a person doesn’t feel like a male or a female, but they can be attracted to ones. 
  3. Queer. Genderqueer people enjoy the combination of male and female energy, regardless of their sexual preferences. They do not like being considered one gender. 

Although most of 72 genders might be embraced by the general Trans definition, it isn’t common nowadays to have a complete transition. One may have some hormonal therapy and breast implants. 

While the male features remain as well, along with the lace lingerie or roleplay babydoll dresses. Often called a two-spirited, this person may dominate or subordinate, which is said in the escort ad. 

How can I order TS escort 

Too many hookup listings and gay apps are offering TS escort and dating services. It is easy to join and apply search filters, then choose visually who you would like to get laid with. 

Cheap Escort Delivery
Order TS Escort

What also matters is treating trans people right, respecting their identity and the way they express themselves, mind their dos and don’ts in sex. They usually list that in their posts. 

  • Share their turn-ons. If someone orders sex services from trans ppl and remains homophobic, still, it’s not fair. Be turned on by their specialty, not just entertained. 
  • Be their biggest fan. If you liked the service and consider coming back, add them on social networks and subscribe on OnlyFans. Admiration is important for trans folks. 
  • Be alpha male. It is noticed TS and non-binary personals enjoy very masculine casual partners, even more than assigned females do. Express your manhood fully with them. 

If you have this kind of attitude from the very beginning, trans personals simply feel that and respond positively. They’ll prefer you over other pretenders then, befriend you, and may give a discount. 

Are there TS massage parlors 

MP with trans masseuses are rare, so it makes more sense to search for independent providers who would perform bodyrub with happy ending. Many of them do, since they’re interested to earn more. 

Modern escort listings contain big sections with trans personals. Incall workers would invite you to their apartment, rented or owned, and some have massage tables there too. 

Doublelist: very trans-friendly, with a big choice of shemale masseuses and kinky ladyboys. 

TS Sex Massage
Masseuses TS

Escort Babylon: no less than a dozen of TS escorts in each big city, with HE bodyrub. 

CityXGuide: the biggest trans database and many are offering a happy ending incall. 

 Listcrawler: in areas like LA, TS escorts prevail, 50% are equipped with the bodyrub items. 

Rubratings: definitely hundreds of trans workers who’d meet any expectations of yours. 

Do not forget to search on sites like FetLife and Kinkoo, where most unusual needs are easily satisfied. Asian hookup apps serve well too, since there are tons of naughty ladyboys. 

Is LGBT adult dating legit 

In the field of same-sex and bi-curious hookups, both sides can be hurt. Non-binary folks are afraid not to be treated properly, while the end clients hope not to be fooled or blamed for smth. 

Adult Escort Legit Gays
Legit Gays Dating

The practice shows though there are much fewer complaints coming from and about LGBTQ hookup apps. Everyone seems to be interested in sex itself and accepting the others as they are. 

  1. Cross-dressing activities aren’t prohibited by the law. It’s a part of cabaret performances and drag-queen shows. If you order a TS stripper, it will be fully legit. 
  2. Ladyboys and cubs can be a part of sugar dating that isn’t forbidden either. All participants should make sure there’s no organized trafficking and everyone is adult. 
  3. BDSM gay models can always call their sex services a hobby and pure art. Those who really avoid law enforcement may pretend there’s some kinky photo shooting. 

The newcomers and first-timers may worry about their visits to a gay or trans provider, but common sense and usual safety measures are enough to stay away from any risks. 

To ensure things are legit, choose the boyfriend experience services. They bring a feeling of safety and normality of hookups with a stranger, helping to neutralize any awkwardness or uncertainty. 

How do I hookup with a trans 

Having a casual affair with TS escort is all about the kinks. The process really depends on which gender out of many a person associates with, how exactly their body is modified, and so on. 

Classical trans personals simply feel like women and have their body completely transformed into a female. They may get sensitive about not being perceived as a one hundred percent girly girl. 

Two Trans Women Likes Hookup
Trans Women Hookups

Hookuping with them very much resembles the intercourse with assigned women. There are three ways of penetration, not counting the kinky stuff like a footjob or a boobjob. 

It differs from the intercourse with ladyboys though. If they still have their male equipment on alert, there are two ways for the penetration and then a client may play the bottom as well. 

  • Quick Visit (QV) is usually about BBJ or CBJ, so there’s nothing new to you. 
  • HE bodyrub may include some oily or foamy handjob, so, you may just relax. 
  • HH services consist of 15 mins of BBJ and 15 mins of BBFS, nothing new either. 

Those are the basics expecting you when you order TS escorts, and the rest depends on your personal kinks and agreements between you two. Remember a trans provider can also be an extra for two. 

What fetishes can TS singles have 

There are just a few vanilla folks among Trans people. Most of them do have kinks and special preferences, since they’re unusual all over. Some learn to be kinky while serving as escorts. 

The list of kinks one can practice with TS singles, is actually endless. It starts with leather and latex, and then the choice goes huge especially if participants are imaginative. 

Fetish FemBoys
Single TS Fetish Fem

Branding: a kink that includes marking the skin with some symbol or word. Can be done with the lipstick. Get the permission, since branding turns a person into the object or property. 

Claustrophilia: a fun practice in any small room, from the closet or wardrobe to some box or suitcase. Many find it therapeutic and relieving, since it removes the stresses and fears. 

Collaring: yes, it’s totally typical for a TS escort to be submissive or dominant. And in BDSM subculture, collars symbolize the sexual and emotional obedience, which is a turn-on. 

Dirty talking: is it a kink ever, if everyone performs it? There are trans personals who are champions in naughty talking, especially if they’re empathetic enough to guess what to say. 

Food play: the trendiest kink in 2020s, it became a topic of many blogs. Of course, experted TS escorts are performing it and can teach you things about the dos and don’ts of it. 

It is said, one can try literally anything with trans singles who are already experimental enough by nature. Just it should be based on mutual consent and lead to mutual satisfaction. 

When ordering TS escorts, discuss the taboos and turn-ons of the two of you, unless you’re ok with just a quick visit or HE session. The franker you are, the more complete your pleasure is.