Dating Apps For Trans Personals

trans personals

Transgender dating apps can be a safe space to connect with people who share your interests. They are also a good place to find partners who understand and appreciate your unique needs. But, they aren’t without their challenges. Some people on dating apps may sexually fetishize trans women, and others may experience harassment or toxic masculinity.

My Transgender Cupid

My Transgender Cupid is an online dating site where transexual women can meet men who are interested in them. The website offers an array of features, including photo uploads, Cupid games, and private messages. It also allows users to show interest, add friends, and favorite profiles for free. Its customer support team is available around the clock to assist users with any problems or concerns.

Premium memberships allow members to upload more photos, communicate with all other members, and be shown first in search results. They can also earn activity points for logging in, browsing profiles, and sending messages. These credits can be used to send virtual gifts or put their profile in the spotlight for a week.

Founded in 2015, My Transgender Cupid has become the world’s leading transgender dating community. Its unique approach to matching and its focus on genuine long-term relationships set it apart from other dating sites. The site also ensures that only genuinely transgender singles use the website by verifying each new member, removing nude photos, and reporting fake profiles.


Transdr is a TS dating app that aims to make it easier for transgender people to find a partner. The app, which launched last month, is free and offers a variety of functions. It is open to all members of the transgender community, including women and men, transvestites, and MTF / FTM crossdressers. It also welcomes cisgender people who are interested in trans dating.

Although the app’s founders have noble intentions, the site’s marketing relies on language that many transgender people find derogatory. Its landing page on the Apple app store uses terms like “tranny” and “shemale,” which are often used as insults. The company has responded to complaints by removing these words from its description.

The app aims to fill a void created by the closure of spaces such as Craigslist’s personals section and Backpage. Its co-founder Sean Kennedy explains that it has been difficult for transgender people to find reliable partners using existing apps.


Translr is a large transgender dating community that gathers transvestites and transgender people from all over the world. This site offers a wide range of options for finding serious relationships and casual hookups. It is open to MTF, FTM and LGBT transgender people as well as pre-op and post-op male-to-female transitioners. It also includes cross dressers and panty boys.

According to Jackson Bird, a 28-year-old YouTuber who is transgender and hosts the podcast “Transmission” and a series of LGBTQ dating videos, many transgender people don’t use mainstream apps because they find it intimidating to disclose their sexuality in their profiles. This often leads to fetishization from others.

To protect users from being harmed by these fetishers, Translr has taken several measures to create a safe and secure environment. These include verification photo upload, report and feedback functions, and professional support teams. In addition, Translr allows users to filter their matches by hobbies and interests, which helps them find their perfect match more quickly.


For many transgender people, finding love and support can be challenging. Gender affirming support groups and dating apps can help you find a community of individuals that understand your experience. They also offer a safe space to connect with people from a variety of backgrounds. This is an important step in building a healthy relationship.

While this study did not examine relationships, prior research has shown that trans women use social media largely to develop social support networks (emotional support), and to obtain information on gender-confirming medical procedures. This may explain the findings of this study, which found that trans women tended to filter by specific demographics in their search for potential partners.

However, open disclosure of transgender status is a challenge. Some participants reported that they did not want to disclose their gender and sexual orientation online because of fears for their safety and experiences of fetishization. More research and education about the issues of transgender dating app users is needed.