Is it Okay to Be Gay or Transgender?

Trans men is a male who was assigned male at birth but has been assigned female at later life. The terminology of trans male is sometimes used interchangeably with that of trans feminine man, but the two labels are most often employed in that way. In general, the term refers to any person whose genitals are imbalanced or indicated by some kind of anatomical distortion. Some common examples include genital abnormalities, tumors, and others. Those who were assigned as women at birth are still considered to be trans men.

trans men

It should be noted that the term “transsexual” has many variations. In the medical community, there is no clear-cut definition for this term. For many years, trans people were grouped together with trans women (those assigned as females at birth but have since identified as men) and trans gay men (those assigned as men but identify as women). More recently, the term has been used to describe those people who are intersexed. Because gender identity is different for every individual, those who do not identify with a particular gender can also be considered to be trans people.

Because of the complexities involved with understanding and identifying one’s gender, the term “transsexuality” has become much more popular over the past few years. Transsexuality is now largely accepted within the medical community, but those who wish to retain their privacy often opt for the term “cisgendered gay men” or “women who prefer not to be trans.” Those who wish to undergo sex reassignment surgery are still allowed to use the term “transsexual.” Those who wish to have a sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex are also free to do so.

There are many outstanding trans men on the internet. My personal favorite is Jazzhands, an internet porn survivor and active member of the online community “ams”. Jazzhands enjoys a steady stream of followers and has a nice sense of humor. His story is well-known among his peers, and he willingly tells his story in a very honest and open documentary. The film is available to watch on ATS, and many members of the community have given positive reviews.

Another good example of an enlightening documentary dealing with gender dysphoria and trans men and women are the fabulous Jennifer Garner and Chelseaners videos. These two ladies, born as females but identified as males, found immediate love, lived together for several years, and then decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery. It was not easy, but they made it through, and now they are great girlfriends and live happily ever after. They are proof that being transgender does not have to make you a freak.

In addition to the above, there is also the possibility of developing a sexual identity disorder, which can lead to depression and other mental illnesses. As stated above, many counselors agree that the best way to deal with a trans man or woman’s transition is to just accept their sexual orientation and use it as a guideline in helping them through their new situation. There is nothing wrong with using transition counseling to help the trans men/women understand their sexual identity, and this is helpful in dealing with transition issues. However, counselors should keep in mind that their goal is to create a loving and supportive environment for the trans men/women, not to change them. Many people believe switching genders is akin to sexual abuse, so counselors should be careful not to use transition therapy as a means to abuse the trans men/women.

If you or someone you know experiences discomfort or fear with their body, it is important to seek help. Transgender therapy can help them feel secure and comfortable in their own skin. Trans men or women who are struggling with their gender identity may wish to discuss hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is sometimes the only option for people who feel trapped because of their gender identity. Transgender therapy can include hormone replacement pills and injections to help trans men or women feel more comfortable with their bodies.

Many trans men do not wish to change their sexual orientation, but they may want to at some point. Many say that they feel trapped at one stage in their lives because of their gender identification. This can make it difficult for them to feel and express their sexual orientation. When it comes to gender identity and sexual orientation, trans men must decide what is important to them; cisgendered (male) or transgender (female).


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