When Does a Transvestite Turn Gay?

Transvestites are people who dress up in clothing that is considered to be feminine and suggestive. In western cultures, transvestites are often viewed as freaks or fetishists. In some eastern cultures, transvestites are seen as acceptable members of society.

What exactly is a transvestite? A transvestite is anyone who dresses up in women’s clothing or in clothes that suggest the wearer is a woman. In some societies, cross-dressing is the common practice for ritual, religious, or aesthetic reasons. In other societies, cross-dressing is seen as an affront to societal expectations of gender roles. In either case, the word “transvestite” can mean any person who dresses up in women’s or man’s clothing, regardless of his or her chosen gender.

In our culture, the word “transvestite” has often been used to describe cross-dressers who choose to live as women or cross-dress men. In addition, transvestites are sometimes called upon to dress up in women’s or man’s clothing for a variety of reasons, including art, entertainment, work, or sport. Some transvestites choose to cross-dress because of discomfort with their own bodily changes, such as breasts growing after childbirth or facial hair growing on their chest. Others choose to cross-dress because they are sexually attracted to the idea of wearing men’s or women’s clothing. Still others may wish to transition from one gender to another because of feelings of discomfort with their biological sex.

When describing transvestites, use words like “identify” or “identifies”. Avoid the word “hetomosexual”, since this term does not apply to everyone who crosses-dress. Instead, use “transgendered” or “transsexual” to describe a person who dresses in the clothes of the opposite sex, or “transsexual” to describe someone who dresses in the clothes of the same sex. Many transgendered individuals do not want to be called “transvestites” because they feel that the term is an epitome of hate. This can be a sensitive subject for many people, especially those who believe that hate is a terrible thing. If you are considering dressing in women’s clothes or cross-dressing, here are some tips for how to speak politely to the transvestite:

First, you may want to determine if the person is indeed a cross-dresser by asking him or her directly what he or she does to get turned on by men or women. A person who identifies as a drag queen may cross-dress in order to experience sexual arousal when seeing men in women’s clothing. Some drag queens go so far as to cross-dress every day, and some only occasionally. If the transvestite wants to present the appearance of being a drag queen, then they should be willing to answer questions about their sexual arousal and use of the words ” Drag Queen” or ” Drag Sex.”

Secondly, you will want to determine if the transvestite has a drag name or she is using a false name in order to dress as a woman. Some drag queens have chosen names that epitomize aspects of their personality, like Hussy or Viva. Such individuals should not be afraid to let the drag queen community know that they are cross-dressing, and that they choose the name they do because it describes their true feelings. The transvestite should not be afraid to inform the drag queens that they are indeed a cross-dresser and that they use the words drag queen for this reason.

Finally, you will want to determine if the transvestite is seeking any type of transformation for the purpose of illusion, such as becoming something that he or she is not. Some drag queens have chosen to stage themselves as women, and some cross-dressers have sought to change their appearance to resemble a famous singer, such as Elton John. For this reason, the term transvestite may be used to refer to both men who cross-dress and those who actually plan on changing their appearance.

While some people who identify as cross-dressers wish to indulge in sexual pleasure with members of the opposite sex, others do so for a purpose. For example, many transvestites dress as women to go to the theatre. Others cross-dress for purposes of going to the same clubs where drag queens perform. It is important to understand the differences between a cross-dresser who is simply enjoying the sexual pleasure of dressing as a woman and one who plans to use the name drag queen creatively in an attempt to camouflage his or her true intentions.


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