What does TS unicorn mean

Unicorns are frequently ordered online for threesomes, and some young sugar babies are participating just for pleasure as well. This word means an extra between the two partners. 

The unicorn’s role is usually submissive. A dominant might be one partner in the couple, or both. That’s why a unicorn should be younger, often model-looking and very cute

Cute Unicorn Man

A TS unicorn is a ladyboy, a femboy, or a trans girl in her 20s. It is pre-agreed in advance which role they will play in a bed, to make sure all takes places by mutual consent and acceptance.

The term “TS unicorn” means “time of your life”. It is a reference to when you have the most fun and find yourself very quickly in a relationship. Many people use this term in their internet dating circles, in a joking way. But for those in the circle of gay relationships, it’s serious business. Being in love is about finding the right ceiling.

Trans Unicorn
Unicorn Woman

Most of us have been raised by our mothers and grandmothers in the United States to have a “cute pretty face”. If we are not blessed with superb looks, we can strive for beauty in other ways. And one way we can do this is dating. Dating can be quite a challenge for some of us, but there are others who can really make heads turn in the dating game, simply by knowing how to talk to women. And it doesn’t matter whether you are straight, lgbt, transgendered or another variety of such, you should know what to say and do to reel in a girl of your dreams.

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A good place to start is by understanding what the term “TS unicorn” means. This term refers to a special kind of ceiling fan model favored by members of the gay community, especially those who prefer to go for a “grind” look in their hair. This style is not for everyone, but it has its devotees. Many would also liken this design to “tribal” fans, because of the various tribal tattoo designs that can be seen on the tarpaulins of these folks. These tarpaulins are often emblazoned with a particular symbol of a beloved animal, bird, or person, and the tarpaulin has now become a popular item among gothic-minded gay folks, particularly those who consider themselves warriors.

Single Trans
Sexy Trans Alone

A T-shirt with a silver Firestar and a matching fireproof mapleshade purse also makes a nice gift, and it’s not just because the two symbolize gay pride. The ravenpaw is a fierce and loyal animal, noted in Celtic mythologies as being immortal, so it would make sense for someone wearing a mapleshade to channel the spirit of this fierce animal. Of course, the furry, fierce image of a ravenpaw isn’t limited to gay men. Females can also sport a tattoo of one, but the female symbol is usually a pink flame that stands for purity.

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Perhaps the best thing about the “TS unicorn” phenomenon is that there is an entire range of products now available on the market that feature the tarpaulin icon as a decorative element. These include everything from pillows, to coffee mugs, two mouse pads and of course, mouse pads with firestar motifs. The most common color scheme seen on these products is yellow, followed by gold and silver. These cute little gifts are perfect for gifts for furry boys, girls, and even pets.

Sexy Trans Woman
Ordered Trans Woman

It would be interesting to see what the definition of “TS unicorn” is for a future article. While it could very well apply to all feline species, the meaning is certainly most appropriate for cats. And since it’s unlikely that any feline will be named the Queen of the Cats anytime soon, the use of tarpaulin as a festive decorative element makes a lot of sense.


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