Understanding Trans Male Dysphoria

trans men

Understanding Trans Male Dysphoria

A trans man is usually a man who has been assigned female at birth but has had a serious identity crisis and has come to feel like a male. The term of trans man is sometimes used interchangeably with that of trans woman, but the two terms are rarely used together. In some cases, trans women are referred to as trans men (or transgenders). Unfortunately, the term cisgendered (meaning female-bodied) often gets used to describe a person who has had no hormonal or other sexual interludes before puberty.

The reason for the lack of awareness about this disorder is probably due to the fact that many trans men are in denial of their gender identity. Some may try to convince themselves that they are women because it fits their description of being a man. Sadly, very few trans men understand why they should be seen as men.

Most trans men are okay with their body at age fifteen, but by the time they turn eighteen they start to worry about their bodies and puberty kicks them into a brand new phase. This period of self-doubt and confusion is perfectly normal, but at the same time can make them feel inadequate and even freakish. Trans men also have a problem with the symptoms of “unexplained” puberty – increased hair growth, acne, a deepening of the voice and the change in skin pigmentation. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing these things; in fact, most adolescents experience them to a certain degree. But to say that something is “unexplained” by medical care is simply sensationalist and denies trans men the dignity and respect that is their right.

Luckily, trans men can use public toilets and are not made to feel inadequate or freakish because of it. Men who haven’t been “caught” are allowed to use the ladies’ toilets, which feel and look like the usual toilets for everyone else. A lot of trans people feel isolated and think that everyone knows they are trans, but this is actually far from the truth.

Some may consider using the wrong words while speaking about trans people as “misgendering” or “wrong thing to do”, but the two words mean exactly the same thing. The word misgendering is derived from the word “misgendering” and ” transgender”. “Migraine” means female and ” transgender” is derived from the word “transgendered”. So, simply put, trans woman is referred to as a ” transgender woman” while trans men is referred to as a “transgendered man”.

However, this isn’t all. There are transphobic hate groups that have declared war on trans people, misgendering them, and forcing transphobic propaganda down their throats. This is wrong and dangerous. Surely, cis people deserve to be respected and not forced to do things just because they are a certain gender. It’s as bad as forcing trans people to go through conversion therapy, a painful process that attempts to change one’s gender through psychological means and that can last up to 10 years!

Thankfully, there are plenty of organizations and groups that work to improve the state of trans awareness and to advocate for the rights of trans people. For example, the National Trans Rights Organization is a non-profit civil rights organization that fights for the rights of trans people. The National Transgender Discrimination Survey has found that many trans people have experienced all types of discrimination in their lives, including violence. Many have been fired from their jobs or harassed because of their gender identity. Some have been denied service in restaurants and stores. They’ve even been physically attacked and abused in restrooms, on streets, and in public.

If you or someone you know experiences any type of transmisim, whether it’s feeling dysphoric because of being born with the wrong body or being a trans person because of your circumstances, don’t wait for something bad to happen before doing something about it. There are trans support groups out there and countless books, movies, and websites dedicated to helping trans people overcome their problems and achieve happiness. No one deserves to live in discomfort, hate, or embarrassment. Go ahead, step outside of your comfort zone, and find your courage and start living a new life!


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