The Misery Of The Word Transvestite

Transvestites are people who cross over gender lines. They may choose to do this because they feel a strong urge to be or do something that they see as a cross between the opposite gender and they identify as a man. Some transvestites choose to cross over because of intense physical attraction to the other sex but choose not to act on it. In other cases, transvestites choose to cross over because of social, cultural, or emotional reasons. This article will describe the types of situations that may lead a person to be identified as a transvestite.


In some societies, transvestites are regarded as the ‘invisible guest’. In the United States, cross-dressers are considered to be among the discriminated minority. In some cultures, transvestites are considered to be ‘traitors’ – the word transvestite in many cultures connotes shameful or undesirable behavior. In recent years, the word transvestite has become less offensive and more acceptable in Western cultures.

While societal views towards transvestites differ, there is one thing that is common about all transvestites. Transvestites are people who seek to satisfy their urges in whichever way works for them. For instance, some transvestics cross-dress for sexual arousal and some do so because of a cross-dressing urge. While cross-dressing can serve to alleviate feelings of guilt, some transvestics consider it to be a form of fetishism.

For the sake of clarity, fetishism should not be confused with transvestitism. While there are similarities between the two, transvestites are not necessarily seeking to cross-dress for the sexual gratification of the other gender. Many transvestites fall under the category of trannies (a person who is attracted to the same sex) and are simply looking to explore their erotic side.

The term transvestite offensive to some may be an indication that society does not accept transgender individuals. In addition, many in the transgender community do not feel that the term transvestite is as offensive as it is. While some see it as a harmless word, others find it to be an epitome of transmisualism.

A transvestite is attracted to the members of the same sex and considers himself to be sexually enticed. He could be attracted to a member of the opposite sex, but feels compelled to dress in clothes associated with his birth gender. Some cross-dressers feel like they were assigned at birth and are not embarrassed by this fact. Other transvestites, on the other hand, feel that they were assigned the label at birth and choose to live as a member of the opposite sex and cross-dress.

Many transvestites choose to identify as a man and go to the gym, work out, take a bath and then present themselves as a man. Transgendered people should not have to suffer from the negative consequences of their physical appearance. Many times the term transvestite offensive because some may view those who present themselves as men as effeminate or somehow sexual. To overcome this negative perception, a transgender woman can try to build up their confidence by working in the places where they feel comfortable, like the gym, with fellow transgendered people and taking a bath or wearing clothes that make them feel good.

Unfortunately, the wordtransvestite offensive may lead to discrimination. A transgender individual should not be denied employment, denied a house, denied service in the restaurants, etc. The transgender community has come a long way in making themselves more visible and accepting of their sexual identity. It is important for all transgendered people to accept their identity and use the word transvestite in a positive way. Transgender terminology needs to be taken seriously and used with pride.


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